Transform your kid’s bedroom into a paradise

Transform your kid’s bedroom into a paradise

Be it nursery, child or teens, decorating their rooms need more creativity in order to get their personality painted inside the bedroom. Children spend most of their time in their rooms to study, play, sleep and paint. It is easy to get attracted to a kid’s bedroom.

This is because their interiors get us going in a children’s Disney world. Most parents who live in the villas in Chennai OMR, ECR, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata spare some time to decorate their kid’s bedroom. For this, they purchase decor items from the market which is trending at the time.

Let’s explore some innovative ideas on decorating your kid’s bedroom innovatively to reflect their personality.


Go monochromatic

A notable example of children’s room decor is the white, airy and the playful themes. The scenic beauty of having the monochromatic interior adds a serene beauty with warmth to it. Go for a monochromatic look for your baby. For example, if you choose the blue theme. Go for the lighter and darker shades of blue to decorate the room. Choosing a royal blue bed means lighter shade curtains. And this would work in vice-versa as well. The monochromatic interior adds a calm and quiet look and also pleasant to look at it.  Additionally, buying wooden furniture like storage cabinets or bed would add a tranquil beauty to the soft monochromatic tones.


Blend white with bright

For a serene beauty in the room, white is an obvious choice. There are no other combinations could beat the white with the bright blend. Wondering what it is? Painting the room white plain white and decorating the room with bright colors would bring the fun. First, paint the room with pure white and add pink, purple, red and blue elements to bring out the beauty of white with the bright blend. Hang colorful curtains of the windows, add bright toys on the shelf, paint some beautiful scenery and hang it on the wall. This would do the magic!!


Mix white with light

Unlike the combination of white with bright colors, white works for earthy tone too. Just paint the wall with white and highlight the room with some earthy tones. This theme would look clean and calm. Place some kids’ photographs on the table top. This would bring the quiet and earthy look in the room. This not only looks calm, but cute as well. In addition to this, buy some cute earthy toned cushions with light gray, candy colors. This look would definitely work for quiet, clever and introvert kids.


Express the accents of adventure

This part is especially for the adventure-loving children. To illuminate the passion of adventure in them, design the interior in such a way they never get tired of it. To execute this, first, paint the room with lighter shades of any color. It has to be very earthy and light. And choose bright colored bedspread for your child.

For this, just go for their favorite color instead. Also, add some serene color to balance it as well. For example, if you choose blue bedspread, add some yellow or light orange storage cabinets to balance it. This not only balances it, but also emphasizes the blue tone here.

To play their accents of adventure in the room, get to know the child’s interests. If he or she is interested in learning new words, just decorate the walls with alphabets. Or if your child is eager to explore the world, then hang beautifully painted world map on the wall to uplift his thoughts.

One important thing every parent must keep in their mind while decorating is to explore the interest and personalities of their children. This turns out to be the great go while designing and decorating your little one’s bedroom.

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