Vastu colours for rooms based on direction

Generally, colours have a significant emotional effect on people. Few particular colours stimulate some characteristic emotions in people, it is important to have appropriate vastu colours for your home to have a happy and healthy life.

Vastu colours for rooms based on direction

Master bedroom

As per vastu-shastra, the south-west is the best place to locate bedroom. The suitable colour for the south-west direction would be brown and other form of its shades. One of the favourable colours for the master bedroom is brown. By the way of example, using a combination of brown, blue and pink is advisable when painting your bedroom.


Main door

All the energy enters your home through the entrance. Ensure the colours you choose are light colours such that your entrance looks welcoming and elegant. East is an excellent direction to have the entrance. Villas in OMR are designed in a way that the house is faced towards east direction. White and light blue is good for the east direction. If the entrance of your house is towards north, the best vastu colours for the north direction would be green and all its shades. Make sure you have some amount of green and other colours such that it looks good. Otherwise, choose colours that look good when combined with green. In addition, have green plants near the entrance so it looks divine and also good as per vastu.


Kid’s bedroom

Most of the kid’s bedroom would be painted in either pink or baby blue. Paint the room with light yellow or light green and orange which helps children to focus on studies instead of wasting their time. Painting the room with deep and intense colour can lead to illness like cold, cough and so on. Avoid using deep red, blue and black.


Villas in OMR - Vastu colours for rooms based on direction

Living room

Always choose a colour that looks subtle and inviting.  The living room is an area where you spend quality time with family. You can use a bit of red, green, yellow, blue and pastel colours to make your living room look appealing. In that case, Beige and tan colour are also suitable for painting your living room. Houses with east facing would have a living room towards east direction. To invite more light in the living room, paint the room with bright colours such that it illuminates the colour to give the illusion of space. Independent villas in OMR are facing east to allow light to illuminate your living room that looks bright and elegant.


Puja or prayer room

The puja room is the most holy room of the entire house. As per vastu, puja room should be located in the north-east direction. For the north-east direction, the favourable vastu colours are yellow, green and blue. The other best choices for puja room are white, light yellow, light green, light blue and so on. Avoid using deep colours like red, black and brown.


Kitchen room

South-east corner is the best place to locate the kitchen. North-west is the second best option. South-east is the place of the fire element and fire is represented by red colour. The kitchen should have a bit of red colour or one can have a red coloured dining set at home. Silver, white, yellow, orange and pink are the favourable colours to use for floors and walls of the kitchen.



Light colours like white, light yellow, shades of light blue, lime green, and light pink are the best colours for bathrooms and kitchen. Dark colours should be avoided for walls, floors and tiles of the bathroom. As per vastu, one of the suitable locations for the bathroom would be the west of the house. Blue is the best colour to paint in the west direction. If you have bathroom in the west direction, try to have a touch of blue in it. Not only this, but also can have white and blue wall tiles as well.



Have light coloured staircase at home to maintain well-being. Instead, avoid using red, black and any dark colours while colouring your staircase at home. The north-west is the best location to have a staircase in your home. White and its shades are suitable vastu colours for colouring staircases at home.