Simple Vastu Shastra Ideas To Invite Positivity At Home

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an art of holistic home science that brings in prosperity and good energy. Vastu is the Hindu’s traditional aspect of architecture. It is based on the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, spatial geometry, and space arrangement. In Vastu Shastra, each house has its own type of energy. Individuals who live in the house are influenced in different ways by the energy present inside the house.

Villas in Kelambakkam - Simple Vastu Ideas To Invite Positivity At Home


Villas in kelambakkam are designed with complete vastu compliance to bring prosperity and positive energy in your home. Tradition says the fundamental purpose of vastu principles is to add value to a man’s life. A few changes in your house can bring changes by the effects of vastu science.


Follow these vastu shastra ideas to have its complete benefits for you and your home. 

# Placing an aquarium in the south-east corner of your living room brings prosperity inside the house.

# Performing Ganesh puja or Navagrah puja at home at least once in every three years helps in driving away the vastu dosh from home.

# Keep bowls of sea salt in the corners of the house. Doing so it keeps the negative energy at bay.

# The sound of chiming bells helps to break the negative patterns forming in your home. Hang a bell-chime at the front gate or door to bring in positivity inside your home.

# Place the Swastik and Om symbols on the front door and is good for the householders.

# Placing holy water at the dark corners of the house and changing it every week would keep the demons far away.

# Remove all the mirrors in the bedroom or face them away from the bed or close it while you sleep. Do not place mirrors in the bedroom. It causes illness and disharmony in the family.

# Meditate or chant every day at home. This is believed to attract positivity and good health in the environment. The north-east direction is the best place to meditate every day.

# Keeping the medicines in the kitchen draws negative energy.

# Placing a lemon in a glass of water and changing it every Saturday helps in getting rid of negative energy.

# Burn earthen or incense sticks in the morning and evening. Fire is a powerful cosmic cleanser as per Vastu and science as well.

# According to vastu shastra, placement of nameplate on the front door brings opportunities for you easily.

# If you have a naked wall at the entrance, it represents loneliness at home. Place a statue or a hang a picture of Ganesha on the front door. It is a good way to counter vibes of loneliness.

# Place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman towards the bore-well of the house. It is good if the bore-well is in the wrong direction.

# Placing a family photograph in a yellow-frame in the south-west direction is good for healthy family relations. For a healthy family bond, place a painting of sunflower in this direction.

# Place scenery depicting a long road in the north-east direction for good vision and planning.

# For the improvement of children’s studies, place their study table in the east direction.

# To bring harmony and constant flow of money at home, place red galloping horses in the south direction.

# Keep your home clutter free, especially under your bed. It does not allow you to progress forward by weighing you down and cleverly connecting with your past.

# Vastu colours for rooms based on directionAvoid using dark and deep colours for the walls of your bedroom and never leave your bedroom in the dark. Keeping your room well lit attracts harmony and peace at home. Villas in OMR are designed in such a way that the interiors are naturally illuminated and allow good cross ventilation.

# Placing natural green plants and shrubs in the bathroom eliminates negativity and brings brightness.

# Design your home in a way that the bedroom is in the south-west direction to strengthen relationships.

# Placing a water fountain in the north-east direction of your home maintains harmony in the family.

# Preserve maximum distance between the sink and gas in the kitchen because it plays a vital role in determining relationships in a family.

# Do not sleep in any direct arrangement with sharp corners. Sharp corners create pressure in the nervous system.