What it takes to Craft Homes for Joint Families?

luxury villas in omr - What it takes to Craft Homes for Joint Families?

What makes India stand out from fellow nations is its culture rooted in every citizen. The bond that holds every family member together in unity makes India as a whole stand out from any country. The significance that people give to family and relationships is much superior from people of any nation. One among the reasons that helps in instilling this quality even from the childhood would be staying in joint families.

One cannot undervalue the role that grandparents hold in shaping up children with cultural values. This can only be achieved by dwelling with parents in joint families. But how do you design homes to suit every member of varied age groups?  Careful selection of decors and material in every room becomes essential in designing of home for joint families. Read on to know what it takes to build a home out of a house for joint families.


Don’t neglect privacy

In the flow to craft a home for joint families, the possibility to neglect privacy for the members would be augmented. The need to accommodate every individual of the family would require making use of every possible space inside the unit. Hence the need to concentrate on privacy becomes minimized. To avoid this, consider allocating separate spaces for everyone that they can go rest at the end of a day. This would ensure an ideal living environment for every one of the family. Other than this, create semi-private seating areas that would be required to initiate conversations with the members.


Choice of decors

It is not compulsory that every room needs to be maintained with same wall paints and decor ideas. While selecting the designs for rooms, it is better to design with every member’s opinion, after all, it is they who are going to dwell.  Give a fair chance to make their choice and to craft rooms of their own favourite decors. This would help in creating a pleasant ambience for them. For instance, elders of the family would be interested in having subtle coloured wall paints whereas the younger lot would be in making quirky colour combinations.


Safer bathrooms

Here comes the essential part of designing a home elder-friendly. The room that would require extreme carefulness would be bathrooms. This is because of the wet area that increases the possibility of flipping off while walking especially for the elders. This not only applies to the elders, but for the children of the family. It is essential to prevent any mishaps inside the bathroom and make it safe for everyone. Install anti-slip bathroom tiles and grab bars that can help with safe navigation inside the room. Also, do not forget to place a small stool for the children to use washbasin and inculcate the habit of using it on their own.


Choice of furniture

It is best to opt for adjustable furniture that can serve comfortably for every age group. From the low-height chairs for children to adjustable soft beds for elders and study tables for the working members satisfy the need of every member. Just make sure that there is an ideal arrangement of things to evade cluttered look of the unit.


Balancing the need for every age group is not at all a tedious task once you get to know their needs and organize any villas or flats in Chennai. Just make sure to achieve a clutter-free look that could make a comfortable living environ.