Which one is the wiser choice in 1 BHK / 2 BHK / 3 BHK?

Usually, most home buyers think that there isn’t much difference between 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK house other than variations in space and cost. But there are other important aspects which differentiate these. Before coming to a better conclusion, one must have a clear idea of how these are varied and how much it makes a difference in lifestyle.

Which one is the wiser choice in 1 BHK / 2 BHK / 3 BHK? - Villas for sale in omr sholinganallurThese features distinguish each one and bring out their individuality as listed below


1 BHK- Advantages

1 BHK is suitable for individuals who often jump between jobs and transfer from city to city. Additionally, for bachelors, it is the apt choice one could have. Because living alone in a big house is frightening and feels really isolated. But living in 1 BHK apartments in OMR or individual house close to your neighbours around you are welcome. In other words, 1 BHK comes with a low cost which is affordable. Due to less space it is also easy to maintain if you do not have maids to help you.

These days, young couples prefer 1 BHK due to the reasonable cost. This helps them to maintain their budgets and pocket-friendly living to plan their blissful future ahead.



In metro cities like Chennai, it is really difficult to find a 1 BHK for a temporary living. Due to the cramped roads and streets in big cities, it is quite uncomfortable and families find it difficult to live in a 1 BHK house or flat. The ideal factor that 1 BHK is consistently rented out by the bachelors and couples, there is always a demand-supply issue faced in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi.

Also, it is difficult when you want to find storage space while you buy things gradually.

Which one is the wise choice in 1, 2, 3 BHK? - villas for sale in omr sholinganallur2 BHK- Advantages

With the addition of one more room in 2 BHK, it becomes easy for storage purposes. The 2 BHK individual houses for sale in OMR are gaining popularity in Chennai due to the establishment of various Multinational companies and residential projects in and around Old Mahabalipuram Road. Another advantage is that these units are available in both small towns to developed cities with sound infrastructure.

Nuclear families are fonder of these houses as their first preference for buying their first-home. On the other hand, it is still maintainable and affordable for middle-income group people also. Moreover, the resale value in the future seems high when compared with 1 BHK house or compact home type flats in OMR.



One of most important disadvantage buyers must consider is that builders rarely give any considerable discount for 2 BHK due to its increasing demand in the market. Also, it is only suitable for couples, because isn’t a good accommodation choice for a growing family with children and elders.

As a result, it is difficult to carve some space if necessary. Even though the property value is high, only if the property is built in a well-developed location.


3 BHK- Advantages

The only best choice for big families or joint families to live in with ample space is 3 BHK houses. Only a few come with front yard and compound wall like Independent villas in OMR. These 3 BHK villas are customizable and come with private gardens and with tremendous amenities in a gated community. 3 BHK is most suitable for working parents. They could relax after a hectic day without little ones noise while playing in the other room.

Generally, with sit-outs and balcony with each room adds an elegant beauty to the property and also advantageous for good ventilation in the house. Another benefit is that you would be happy to experience the good airflow because of effective cross ventilation.



The significant aspect most buyers worry about the price which comes with sufficient space availability in 3 BHK. With the spaciousness comes with huge demand at a price. Due to large space in 3 BHK, it is difficult to maintain and clean on a regular basis which causes a hole in your pocket. Additionally, it is a tedious task to rent it out or sell in the future. When compared with 2 BHK, these houses provide you with a less resale value on your investment you made earlier. Rental incomes are high for 3 BHK thus making it difficult for the homeowners to find a potential tenant.


In the real estate market, it is tedious to make decisions based on rooms availability. Do not focus on just the number of rooms available in a house. Instead, draft out the whole picture in the differences of these three to draw a conclusion while buying homes.