Hurricane evacuation: What to pack before leaving your apartment

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Hurricane evacuation: What to pack before leaving your apartment

Whether you live near the coastal regions or live far from the region in a safe apartment, there comes a point where you experience an evacuation. Though there are so many reasons to evacuate like improper construction to living nearby coastal regions, evacuation is inevitable in either case. If you live in gated community apartments and local officials ask the residents to leave, then you have to take evacuations seriously even if you live in apartments in OMR even if it is outskirts. Both residents living in inner edges and outer regions must prepare for hurricane evacuation at any point in their lives whatever the hour at that time might be.

Or if you choose not to leave, then you should at least take steps to prepare for the storm. Otherwise, just prepare yourself for evacuation with these tips compiled below of what to pack before leaving your apartment.


An emergency supply kit

An emergency supply kit is a must and ready to access while evacuating in a hurry. Remember, this kit should include basic & essential items to live without trouble for an imprecise amount of time. Since one would never know where and when he would leave his place, packing these things is crucial.

The items include prescription medications such as asthma and other health issues that need instant medications. Pet food if you have pets. Enough cash to move from place to place and other expenses. Some important documents like your property documents, paperwork, insurance policies, birth certificates, financial records, your pictures, and letters. Feminine supplies and other personal hygiene items. Your home, office, shop or car keys.

Prepare a consolidated bag of these items and keep in a location to not forget to take it with you while evacuating. Ensure these items are not left behind and damaged in the hurricane/storm.


A mobile and a radio

Your mobile/cell phone is essential as it may help you update the status of the situation with your family. Since you would not have any other electrical outlets to charge your phone if it is dead, keeping a battery-powered radio is helpful. This helps in getting instructions which are broadcasted through radio stations.


Your lovable pets

Most people overlook their pets while preparing their families for the evacuation. Though there are a few tips to handle these kinds of emergency situations, people still overlook their pets. Since you cannot enter the city for at least up to a week to 10 days, get physical copies of you and your pet’s recent picture to claim ownership when you separate from your pet in a hurry.


Clothes & food

There are few specific things to keep in mind while packing clothes for a hurricane evacuation. Instead of packing everything in the wardrobe or packing nothing at all, pack at least two changes of clothes in the bag for each family member.

You cannot predict the direction of the storm nor its impact. So it is good to prepare for the worst. Pack enough non-perishable food & water for your family members for at least 3 days. Being aware of the situations and proactively evacuating is a safe way to survive heavy storms.



A tank full of gas/fuel is essential for moving out of the place. Most of the fuel stations will be closed due to the hurricane alert. So make sure you have your tank full of fuel to ready and exit your place. This comes to rescue when you evacuate unexpectedly. Emergency candles, torch lights, a bottle of water and map should be inside your car for uninvited situations.