Low grades? Tips to create a study-friendly apartment

Low grades? Tips to create a study-friendly apartment
Low grades? Tips to create a study-friendly apartment

Are you tired of scoring low grades? Are you unable to concentrate in your apartment and need an open space to boost your focus? Though the universities and library are spacious and study-friendly, at the end of the day, you will need your own space to prepare for the exams. So if you feel your apartment isn’t study-friendly, check out the following tips to transform your apartment into a study-friendly space to have a great study-session.


Assign a spot/room in your apartment

If you are sharing your apartment with your college friends/roommates and you’d like to study at the kitchen table, then go for it if they are okay with it. Explore all the rooms in your apartment and see which spot or room works great for you if you live with your parents.


Get a comfortable desk & chair

Whether if the existing desk & chair feels comfortable or you have to get a new one make sure it is comfortable to sit and study. In addition, you can even get a soft & cosy cushion, pillow for back support or a throw blanket if you need one. Also, make sure the height of the desk is comfortable for your height.


Make it comfortable… not relaxing

Claiming a perfect spot and getting a perfect chair & desk sounds comfortable. This is a great set up for studying with focus. But there are students who like to study in bed, it feels relaxed more than comforting. If you pick a relaxing spot it might put you to a nap after a while. So arrange something which is comfortable enough to support your back and focus rather than a relaxing spot to distract your focus.


The right lighting is the key

There is nothing works better than the natural light. Natural light keeps you alert and focused while studying. Instead of locking yourself in a rectangular room in the name of concentration, put the desk near a window so you can stay focused and study better all day. To enhance the studying nook, you can place a lamp on the study desk to give light if you study early mornings & late nights.


Classify your things and keep them well-organized

If you maintain your books, shelf and folders, organize them neatly and tidy all the time. It is difficult to lay your textbooks or document on the desk if it is too cramped & cluttered. Try to arrange all your books, stationeries and files before you leave the desk after studying. So you will find it easy to study the next study session instead of cleaning up all the mess at the beginning of the session. Never use your study desk as a snack area, or keep your bags, clothes that don’t belong to that space. Always use any space according to its functionality not as you like.


Finally, a bit of decor to cherish

Adorn your spot with calendar, pen holders, chalkboard art anything that lights you up. You can hang any motivational quote if you want to boost your confidence. Go minimalistic and academic oriented to decorate the space than any other fancy decorative elements that distract you unnecessarily.

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