Increase privacy with balcony landscaping in your apartment

Increase privacy with balcony landscaping in your apartment
Increase privacy with balcony landscaping in your apartment

The absence of private outdoor spaces in the apartments or condos is more than the individual houses and villas. Usually, apartments in the urban areas have more than 4 units in a floor in case of a bigger community. So there is a lack of privacy for the occupants that allows having their own time to relax, talk and read books. The only space that plays an outdoor space for apartment residents is their balconies.

Though it is an outdoor space for them to experience the view from different floor levels of the apartment, there is still the lack of privacy. With so many balconies built closer to one another, there is hardly any privacy in the space. Also, most of the apartments in OMR Chennai are built in the interior of the city, it has more buildings. So here are a few useful ways you can increase privacy with balcony landscaping.


Wooden lattice screens

Based on the type of your apartment and the norms associated with your community, you can use the wooden lattice screens for your balcony. People usually have climbing plants on the railings that create an issue with the neighbours. Instead of using the wooden lattice screening on either side of your balcony is a better choice in enhance privacy… These will give moment privacy from apparently meddlesome neighbours and will likewise be an incredible spot to grow a climbing rose and creepers to create a flora fence.


Fence screen on the balcony railing

If you think the lattice screening is blocking the view outside, then fence screening works the best alternative for the lattice. Fence screens are available in an array of colours, textures and more modernized for a contemporary look for your apartment balcony. Fence screening doesn’t stop with giving you the privacy but also adds a stylish element to the visual appeal of your flat. There are an extensive variety of sizes available for the fence screens that can be fixed flawlessly to railings of any size. This highlights your apartment in your neighbour’s balconies without any damage to the building’s structure.


Maximize vertical privacy with potted plants

Privacy doesn’t stop with protecting horizontal spaces but includes vertical views as well. There aren’t balconies present opposite and around you but the top of you as well. So protecting vertically is also equally important as protecting in and around you. Potted plants will improve privacy vertically when you hang them from the roof. Hanging them over the sides of the balcony can improve privacy level for both vertically and horizontally as well.


Create peaceful environ with water feature

Privacy doesn’t only mean with visual aspects but also the audio. What if you have all visual privacy you need but not peaceful environs? Would you be pleased to spend your leisure time there? Definitely, no! So concealing the space is not enough for a complete package of privacy. To mute the noises emitting from the outsides, add a water feature to add a peaceful vibe to the space. Creating a sense of oasis feel by blocking the unwanted noise can enhance privacy to a whole new level.


Choose your private time using curtains

The usage of outdoor curtains is the easiest way of choosing your privacy time. Anything you do tends to remain a permanent change for the balcony, but curtains are different. You can open them when you need some sunlight and close them when you need privacy. Curtains don’t limit from providing privacy but also gives shade during summer. This is also another way of adding colours to the balcony with amazing patterns.