Sensible tips to compare apartments like a pro

Sensible tips to compare apartments like a pro
Sensible tips to compare apartments like a pro

It is a tedious task to compare apartments because each apartment is different in many ways. There is no special formula to compare apartments and identify the best one for you. However, you can find out the right place without those principles & formulas, rather be sensible in thoughts. Find the best apartment for you implementing these sensible ideas when comparing the apartments you have in your list of options.

The price and rent/lease terms

The most prominent and obvious thing about comparing apartments is its price and leasing terms. All you need to evaluate is how much does it cost for how long. There are a lot of other expenses associated with rent such as the utility bills, parking space payments, amenity fee, security deposits, non-refundable pet deposit fee, and application fee.

The community/neighbourhood

After the cost, neighbourhood and the type of community you choose affects a lot in an apartment purchase. The apartment community where it is located should have access to public transportation. Most importantly, the commute to your workplace acts a major advantage in buying apartments. The proximity to shopping complexes and entertainment spots is also included when comparing apartments. Stay clear about the distance to your workplace, your kid’s school, and other educational institutions while determining the right place for you. Reducing your commute to these places adds a huge change in your lifestyle and gives less to worry about.

Safety factors

You must feel safe where you live right? Safety features make a house a great abode to live in. Ensure the apartment have safety features like fire extinguishers, deadbolt locks and good lighting. In case you choose luxury apartments with a better community, ensure you have the best smoke detectors, lights out in the corridors and lifts, gated entrances & exits and most importantly, emergency exits.

Apartment amenities

Amenities are the important things that break the similarities in apartments. Each developer offers different amenities for different projects. Likewise, the amenity from one apartment community may not be available in other apartment community. So, determine which amenity you want and which you will never use in your lifetime.

Some of the commonly accessed amenities in the apartment communities are swimming pools, indoor and outdoor game courts, laundry services, gym, barbeque areas, parks, playground and lawns.

Inside-apartment aspects

You rather spend a lot of time inside the apartment than outside. So if you are looking at apartments in the city, ensure you have these.

1. Good floor plan and layout.

2. Outdoor space like a balcony or patio.

3. The number of bedrooms determines the number of members to live in.

4. Flooring

5. In case of furnished apartments, check for the age & conditions of the appliances.

6. Type of furniture

7. Water facilities

Though there is so much to consider while comparing apartments, having these simple ideas in your mind is almost helpful to pick the right apartment for you to live in. Whether if you are buying apartments for sale in OMR, Kelambakkam, ECR or any other part of Chennai, if you are aware of basic evaluation, then you can obviously end up in the home of your dreams.