When should you restore or replace the tiles of your property?

When should you restore or replace the tiles
When should you restore or replace the tiles of your property?

It is a known fact that the tiles are a durable option for bathroom walls & flooring. But tiles worsen over time due to many factors. Tiles stop being lustrously shinier and end up looking used, dirty & dull. When your tile gets dirtier day by day, it’s time to bite the bullet and do something if you aren’t sure of what the original colour of the tile was when you moved into your new villa in OMR. Now it is time to decide whether to replace or restore it.


Do you have to restore or replace it?

Most homeowners replace the dirty & damaged tiles which is the only choice all they have. Particularly this happens when they tried everything to remove the dirty stains and to restore the original look of the tile. But, know that is not the only option you have.

The restored shine you get from grout cleaning doesn’t last for long though. There comes a time where all you have to do is to rip the tile out and replace it with new ones.

If you feel it is expensive to replace the tiles, you can restore the tiles if you feel it’s a feasible option for time being.

Go through the guide below to decide whether to restore or replace your tile.


When is the right time to restore the tile?

It is a known fact that restoration is usually the affordable option people can think of. A wise thing few fail to do is to call in professional cleaners than buying new tiles. So speaking of which, if you start to notice these things, it is time to restore the tile.

Small holes:

Most of the small holes/chips can be easily repaired but, only if it is attended soon. Since a small chip can develop into a severely irreparable damage, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Crumbling grout:

When you notice your grout of the tile crumble, it is time to call in the restoration professionals. The small grouting issue can lead to severe cracks and breakage which leads to replacing tiles. So if you don’t want to invest so much to replace the tile, better call in the restoring experts as soon as you start noticing the grouts crumbling.

The lack of shine:

When the tile colour looks dull and fading, that is a sure sign of a restoration. Professionals can easily brighten up the tile colour effortlessly in time.

Dirt stains:

Tile is considered one of the most durable flooring options but, it’s not resistant to stains though. If you see dirty stains on your floor tile, then it’s time to use some skills and powerful cleaning supplies to transform the floor stain-free.

Water in the grooves:

The water invasion in the grooves might be an alarm of fungal growth which is very dangerous to your health. So now it is the alarming time to get that done. The grout should be replaced and sealed to keep water from entering the grout. This is particularly required for the bathroom tiles.


When is the time to restore the tile?

Sometimes, the bathroom tiles get damaged and worse that takes beyond repair to fix it. So listed here are a few reasons why you should replace the tiles.

Loose/cracked/missing tile:

If you happen to find any loose tile in your bathroom, it needs to be replaced sooner as it can be a danger for children and elders in the house. Most of this happens of some structural issues that should be looked up soon as possible. If the tile isn’t replaced soon, it might as well crack or break over time. If you restore a broken/cracked tile by watching DIY tutorials online, then it wears out the original shiny look. The only effective thing you could do is to replace the tile as soon as you notice the crack on the tile. In few cases, a tile goes missing, if it ever happens, you obviously have to replace it. If you cannot find new samples of the existing tile, you might have to replace the entire flooring of your room.

More cracks & chips:

If cracks appear in a few places, it can be restored. But, restoration doesn’t work for too many of them. The repairing won’t help in unifying the look. So the best solution is to replace the flooring if the tiles have seen any rough damage.

If the design looks out of place:

With designs evolving in the world of interiors, if your ten years older tiles don’t fit today’s style of living, then you can match it by replacing the flooring tiles. Or if your engineer has gone wrong with planning appropriate tile design and doesn’t coordinate the rest of the interiors of your luxury flat in OMR, then replacing the appropriate tiles as per your taste is a good choice.

Regardless of whether you choose to restore or replace the tile, the best technique for guaranteeing fulfilment with your decision is to hire a professional team to take care of the repairs for you. This applies if you build your own house or ensure that repairs are handled by professionals if you are buying a property from a real estate developer.